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Lectures, workshops, retreats.

We would like to offer/promote ways of living and working together in a more balanced and (more) satisfying manner, inducing greater happiness. For individual students and for organisations (education, health care, companies, environment).   The FreeMind Foundation is not a company but a foundation and does not make any profit. The FreeMind Foundation invites teachers to come here to give teachings, workshops and retreats. We want to share knowledge, methods and techniques, and in doing so contribute to less stress and a better and more sustainable society.  


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Tuesday 1st October 2013, talk by Kazuaki Tanahashi: Vision of an Enlightened Society (English)

Kaz is involved in peace projects in Costa Rica and in AWWA, A World Without Armies, a movement for demilitarization worldwide. Topics he may address are non-violent solutions of conflict, happiness, environmental protection and education.

Wednesday 2nd October 2013, talk by Kazuaki Tanahashi: Dogen Zenji (English)

Dogen Zenji (or Eihei Dogen, 1200 – 1253) was a Japanese Zen Buddhist teacher and the founder of the Soto sect in Japan.

Both talks:

Welcome: from 19.30 PM Evening starts at: 20.00 PM. Location Jewel Heart, Hatertseveldweg 284, 6532 XX Nijmegen (see

Entrance fee: € 5,-  Donations: very welcome. All proceeds will go to Kaz’ peace work and to the FreeMind Foundation.

Please register, if possible before Friday September 27th:, because the program may change or no places may be left, and it will allow us to make timely preparations

Kazuaki Tanahashi

October 2013 Kazuaki Tanahashi visited Nijmegen. He gave 2 talks. Pictures of both evenings you can find here.

Who is Kazuaki Tanahashi…

Kazuaki Tanahashi (°1933) is an artist, writer, and peace worker. He was born and trained in Japan, worked together with Shunryu Suzuki in San Francisco in the 60’s, and has also been a close disciple of Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido. Since 1977 he lives in the USA. As a painter and calligrapher, Kaz has had solo exhibitions of his brushwork, performed, and taught worldwide. He has created a genre of one-stroke paintings and multi-color Zen circles. Kaz is a Fellow of the World Academy of Art and Science (Einstein: ‘The creations of our mind shall be a blessing and not a curse to mankind’). He is a well-known translator of the works of Dogen and other Zen-Masters. (zie

Keeping you informed

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Recent guests


Phra Ratha (Thailand)

In 2010 the honorable monk Phra Ratha came to visit us. At that time he was living in the north of Thailand, in the monastery of Wat Taton, but now in one of the monasteries in Ayutthaya. We organized 2 weekend-retreats with teachings, sitting and walking meditation and some personal consults with the monk.


Lama Kuenga

From June 26th, 2012 until July 23rd, 2012 Lama Kuenga Penjor visited our country at the special invitation of the FreeMind Foundation. He gave teachings, workshops and meditation training.